Timothy Nott

I’m Timothy Nott. I’ve lived in the Cowper electorate for 18 years. I have a Bachelor of Science from the ANU and a Graduate Diploma in Marine Science from the NMSC in Coffs harbour. With 25 years experience working as an Environmental Scientist within the development approval system, I have a detailed understanding of the issues in Cowper and have witnessed the community struggle with the rising cost of living and affordable housing.

The predictions for a changing climate based on science is happening in front of our eyes yet the leadership continues to build infrastructure that fails when needed. It’s time for change. I have the skills to lead Cowper to a better future.

I am a strong advocate for publicly owned green power in Australia. I support the Australian Greens Power Australia plan that aims to create a non-profit, publicly owned energy retailer that provides energy as a basic service for everyone. With the natural resources we have in Cowper, we should be part of the electric revolution creating green jobs, affordable power while protecting our natural assets.

Homes are first and foremost a right. The current legislation is allowing inappropriate and inefficient housing putting lives in danger while increasing the cost of living. I  will advocate for a strategic planning system that prioritises homes for the community before company profits creating strategic long term climate ready housing as well as funding the shortfall of public housing.

The incumbent, Nationals Patrick Conaghan, has failed to protect the very values that gives our community good jobs, affordable housing and a stable climate. I will work to improve job opportunities and incomes, able to cover the increasing cost of living, Cowper needs new political representation. We need a regenerative agricultural revolution taking campaigns by Farmers and locals for Climate Action seriously. I will speak up for our communities health and prosperity by fighting to protect water, forests and biodiversity.

The Greens have the solutions to change the direction for Cowper for a brighter future. Only the Greens have the policies, without large corporate donors, that can make the necessary changes to create new jobs, repair our land, prepare for future emergencies and plan a better Cowper. Made for people, not profit.