Tom Raue

Greens Candidate for Summer Hill

Hi, I’m Tom Raue.

I'm an activist, a union organiser, and I'm your Greens candidate for Summer Hill. Together we can build a movement to fix public transport, reverse privatisation, provide homes for all and end the war on drugs.

I love the Summer Hill electorate. I grew up in Summer Hill itself, attended Summer Hill Public School and now I rent in Ashfield. From Haberfield in the north all the way to Marrickville in the south, the Inner West has an amazing array of events and things to do, wonderful people and a wide diversity of cultures which enrich our lives. I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

Summer Hill is a progressive area and it deserves progressive representation. Labor and the Liberals are controlled by their corporate donors, looking out for the big end of town instead of everyday people. With a ten percent swing, we can take Summer Hill from Labor and join the neighbouring Greens seats of Balmain and Newtown.

I’m running for The Greens in Summer Hill because we need big changes:

  • Affordable housing: a universal housing scheme just like we have for healthcare and education.

  • Fix public transport: reverse all privatisation and invest in public transport, not toll roads.

  • Ban corporate political donations: stop big companies subverting our democracy.

  • Early childhood education: two years of publicly funded early education for all young kids.

  • Clean energy: reverse electricity privatisation and reduce prices through publicly owned renewable energy.

  • Legalise cannabis and MDMA: policing doesn’t work. Tax and regulate cannabis and MDMA.

  • For too long NSW has been run for the benefit of corporations instead of people.

I am a union organiser and activist. When I worked for Greens MP David Shoebridge I started the “Sniff Off” campaign against drug dogs which now has over 45,000 followers.

At university, I was Vice President of the Student Representative Council and involved in the campaign against staff cuts. Later I was a Board Director and Vice President of the University of Sydney Union, where I pushed for divestment of student money from fossil fuels, and supported staff strikes for fair pay and conditions. Elsewhere, I have campaigned for social housing and the rights of refugees.

As the gap between rich and poor grows and our planet heats up, we can't afford to keep tinkering around the edges. We need bold, left-wing representation in Summer Hill and across NSW.

I’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch:

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