Tony Adams

Candidate for Bradfield

Hi, I’m Tony. I’m proud to run as your Greens candidate for Bradfield because I’m committed to ensuring our political system starts planning for the broader long-term implications of climate change.

I’m a long-time resident of Bradfield, where my wife Angie and I raised our two children. I am currently completing a Masters of Sustainability at the University of Sydney.

Most recently, I was Head of Global Fixed Interest at Colonial First State. With my background in global financial markets, I understand the financial implications of policy decisions. I am particularly critical of the short-termism evident in contemporary politics and am committed to securing a better outlook for our future by improving the transparency, accountability and long-term planning of our governments. 

I am also passionate about supporting people with disabilities and am the National President of the Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association of Australia. They provide support and information to people with this condition and funding research into finding a cure.

I believe Australia can continue to grow into a more compassionate and fairer society by facing the reality of climate change and the social inequality challenging many within our society, including our Indigenous brothers and sisters.

I am proud and lucky to be Australian. Our multicultural society is one of our greatest strengths and the base upon which people are brought together, not divided. I am honoured to live on Darramuragal land and believe as we face the challenges of climate change and increasing social division, that the Aboriginal concept of life where the mind, body, spirit and land are intimately interconnected has much to teach us.

Together, we can help build a future for all of us – not just the privileged few. Will you join me?