Tony Adams

Hi, I’m Tony Adams and I am excited about being your Greens candidate for Bennelong.

It is time to bring accountability, fiscal responsibility, and long-term planning back into the political arena.  For too long now politics has been a game of “jobs for the boys” with promises and policies flipping from one election cycle to the next.  The Greens, however, build our policies on the bedrock of our four pillars: ecological sustainability, grassroots participatory democracy, social justice and peace and non-violence.  It is because of the primacy of these pillars that voters can be confident that Greens will only support legislation that supports our values. 

It is undeniable now that out-of-control climate change delivers the biggest risk human society has ever faced.  We are seeing the first signs of this catastrophe all around us.  It is time to act decisively, constructively and cooperatively to do all in our power to reduce further global warming and also to make our communities more resilient to it.  It is time to take climate action seriously. This means stopping all future coal, oil and gas exploration and extraction, retooling our energy and transport industries, retraining our workforces and, with appropriate planning and action, turning Australia into a clean energy superpower.  

With a background in financial markets with three decades of experience as a global fund manager, I understand the need for a strong vibrant economy. But as a financial analyst, I understand that national income based on just digging stuff out of the ground or depleting our scarce natural resources such as our water, our biodiversity and our fisheries is both unsustainable and financially reckless. 

Importantly, however, while the economy is a critical part of our society, it is NOT our society.  We live in a community and on a planet.  GDP growth is not the answer to all questions.  What determines the worth of a community and the welfare of those in it is how we treat each other.  I am proud that the Greens have clear policies to support our community. How we care for the elderly and the disabled, how we support our youth in education, jobs and homes, how we support families with childcare and Medicare and how we value education to demonstrate the type of society we want to live in.

I bring over 30 years of real world investment experience supported by B.Com, MBA and Diploma of Sustainability. I am currently studying part time for my Master of Environmental Science. This is a critical election where we can improve the direction this great country is going. To rebuild trust in our institutions through having a strong crossbench in both the House and the Senate.  Only the Greens can deliver that balance and accountability to the next government.