Tony Hickey

I am a language teacher who has worked in several NSW high schools including Hawkesbury High. I now work with international students at the University of Sydney. I’ve lived in Katoomba for six years.

I’m proud of our Greens policies, and The Greens’ commitment to strong grassroots democracy. I have campaigned with The Greens on a number of fronts, including peace and nonviolence, refugee protections, marriage equality and climate action.

I’m standing as your Greens candidate in Macquarie because I’m inspired by the great work done by our Greens councillors on Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains City councils.

Voting Green in Macquarie and voting Green in the Senate is our opportunity to tell the Australian government what we want: Medicare to cover dental and mental health services, reliable telecommunications, free public education at all levels and immediate action on climate change.

A lack of clear action on addressing climate change and the flooding in the Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains are ongoing major concerns. From the damage that they have caused in the Macquarie electorate it is clear that we cannot sustain a future with extreme drought, fires and floods.

Voting 1 for The Greens will send a strong message to Labor and the Coalition that the Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains want better from our political representatives and the Federal Government.