Tracy Yuen

Candidate for Kogarah

I was born and raised in Australia to Hong Kong and English immigrants. I hold a Master of International Public Health, an undergraduate in Medical Sciences, and have dedicated the last decade to working with communities who are fighting for better health outcomes across Asia and the Pacific. I am a listener, lifelong-learner, and an evidence-based thinker. I moved to the area in 2020 with my partner and greyhound where I love the beautiful greenery of the Wolli Creek Valley and other beautiful reserves.  

I passionately believe that having a strong investment in social safety nets, equity and support for the most vulnerable are vital for people to thrive and make their lives better.

Growing up, my family suffered through multiple hardships with my mother losing her career in small business due to a combination of domestic violence and the demands of being a single mum. As a result, I grew up reliant on the support of safety nets like public housing, parenting support payments, Medicare and public schooling, which allowed me to create a successful life for myself.

I am forever grateful for where I am now – but I also do not take any of it for granted.

Over my life time, I have watched fantastic government services and systems like public schools and healthcare become chronically underfunded and privatised to the point that multiple sectors are now failing before our eyes. Pressure on GPs and health workers is unsustainable; education scores of students have been declining in NSW for decades; and housing is increasingly unaffordable, leaving many young people struggling to rent, let alone dream of home ownership. Meanwhile, the influence of groups like the gambling lobby and large property developers continue to be a corrupting influence on government and society.

This needs to change.

I support the Greens because I believe we are the only party that will tip the balance of power in favour of decisions that benefit everyday Australians, and not vested interests.

If elected, I will fight to ensure that the well-being of people and communities are at the centre of politics, not businesses, corporations or politicians. Will you join me in bringing the Green wave to Kogarah?