Providing for people, not profit

Everyone in NSW should be able to access free, high quality services including health and education.

The NSW government has failed on its obligation to deliver vital services to taxpayers. It has franchised public services like hospitals, roads and transport out to private companies that prioritise profits above people.

A government’s choices reflect its priorities, and this government has chosen, for example, to spend $730 million on redeveloping a stadium while ripping $1.6 billion out of TAFE and colleges.

The Greens will always put the needs of people first. We will:

Free TAFE, with courses fully funded. Make TAFE free, while increasing funding by $200 million over four years, with 100% of vocational funding going to TAFE. More »

Increase funding to public schools. Fully fund all public schools to 100% of the SRS by 2020, while stopping the overfunding of elite private schools. Abolish Special Religious Education and return lost learning time to the curriculum. More »

Deliver better public healthcare services. Improved patient care by ending public-private partnerships. Better health services to regional centres, so people don’t have to travel far and wide for medical appointments. More »

Reinvest from justice into services. Redirect billions of dollars from policing and justice towards services that lift people out of poverty and help them back into society. More »

Ensure public ownership of vital assets. This government has sold more than $55 billion of our public assets to private companies. The Greens will stop the sell off. More »

End violence against women. The Greens will implement all 49 ‘Safe State’ recommendations from the NSW Women’s Alliance to promote gender equality and prevent violence against women and children, including decriminalising abortion. More »

Our plan for people, not profit

Fully fund TAFE

Free TAFE, with courses fully funded

TAFE is a vital pathway for young people into the workplace, and so many communities throughout NSW depend on it to provide a wide range of training options. TAFE provides the skilled workers that businesses and industries depend on, and it delivers young people with opportunities they may not otherwise receive – for a rewarding job, good salary and secure career.

But the Liberal-National Government has ripped the guts out of TAFE. It has cut more than $1.6 billion from the sector, sacked more than 5,700 staff and seen an exodus of more than 60,000 students from TAFE courses, with course fees becoming prohibitively expensive.

The Greens have a plan to revive TAFE. We will:

  • Ensure free TAFE to all students for up to Cert IV courses.

  • Ensure 100% of all state government funding for vocational education is directed to TAFE. Funding will only be provided to the not for profit vocational sector where TAFE is unable to provide the service.

  • Commit to increased funding of $50 million per annum ($200 million over four years) for TAFE to provide driver education and P plate licencing (including 120 hours of supervised driving) with a focus on Aboriginal young people and disadvantaged communities.

  • End the privatisation of prison education in NSW jails and return all funding to qualified public sector TAFE teachers. Prison education is a critical pathway to break the cycle of reoffending and it is essential it is delivered by highly skilled and permanent public educators.

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Increase funding to public schools

Increase funding to public schools

Everyone person has a right to high-quality public education, irrespective of where they grow up or their family’s wealth. Above all else, education gives people opportunities in life to realise their full potential.

But for too long, our education system has been the plaything of Liberal and Labor governments, who are unwilling to give public education the resources it needs to help our children flourish.

The Greens have a plan to fully fund public schools, supports teachers and provide every student with an education that affords them choices and opportunities in life. We will:

  • Fully fund all public schools to 100% of the Schooling Resource Standards by 2020.

  • Halt the gross overfunding of elite private schools by requiring any state government funding of private schools to be allocated on an equity and needs basis.

  • Redirect all state funding to public schools, beginning with reducing funding to private schools from 24.5% to 20% of the Schooling resource Standard by 2020.

  • Abolish Special Religious Education and return lost learning time to the curriculum.



Health care

Deliver better public healthcare services

Stop the privatisation of healthcare

The Government's addiction to privatisation is undermining healthcare in NSW. During its eight years in office, the Liberal-National Government has closed public hospitals and either not replaced them, or replaced them with hospitals run by private companies.

This privatisation of our health system puts the care of people into the hands of companies that care more about profits than they do about good health outcomes for the people they treat. The Greens know publicly run hospitals will deliver better healthcare more efficiently and cheaply, and publicly operated hospitals will do complex and costly medical procedures, even when they don’t return a profit.

Better healthcare in regional NSW

Everyone in NSW should have access to excellent health services, irrespective of where they live. This includes mental health services, as well as primary health care, health promotion and illness prevention, and support for people with drug or alcohol addiction.

The current government has underfunded Local Health Districts, particularly in Regional NSW, and then shifted the blame onto underfunded districts for not providing sufficient health services. The Greens are calling for greater funding of regional Local Health Districts, to ensure they deliver the healthcare people need.  

The Greens are also committed to increasing funding for public mental-health services, including increased resources for early-intervention programs for mental health issues. Mental health must be treated like any other part of our health system, with a range of different preventative programs and treatment options available to the public. Mental Health services must be available to al, not just the people who can afford them.

The government has also failed to provide sufficient care for people with alcohol or drug addictions. A whole-of-community approach is required in relation to alcohol and drug related harm, with a focus on prevention and education. While the NSW health system has an important role to play, it should not carry the sole responsibility for alcohol and drug issues.



Invest in services

Reinvest from justice into services

The Greens believe the role of government is to empower communities, not criminalise disadvantage. Supporting families, protecting children, and facilitating rehabilitation must take precedence over punishing people caught in cycles of trauma and poverty.

For too long, successive Liberal and Labor governments have spent billions of dollars diverting resources away from social services and into harsh punitive agendas that rip families and communities apart. This has hit First Nations peoples the hardest, continuing the Stolen Generations and making them the most imprisoned people in the world.

The Greens have read the evidence, we have listened to families, the sector and the community, and we understand that compassionate early intervention and rehabilitation services are the keys to supporting families and communities.

The Greens will:

  • Reform the state’s bail laws to halve the number of people held in jail awaiting trial and not convicted of an offence, saving more than $150 million a year.

  • End the private prison experiment and return privatised prisons to public hands

  • Free First Nations people from jails through a once-in-230-year amnesty for non-violent First Nations prisoners, overseen by a First Nations-led De-incarceration Commission.

  • Establish an independent NSW Justice Reinvestment body and a Justice Reinvestment Grants Fund of $50 million over five years.

  • Break the cycle of trauma by ensuring that all women in prison have access to trauma-informed counselling and programs that facilitate contact with their children.

  • End the privatisation of prison education in NSW jails and return all funding to qualified public sector TAFE teachers.

  • Ensure access to year-round education in all juvenile detention centers.

  • Establish a NSW Family Investment Commission to ensure coordinated and holistic support for children and families at risk.

  • Invest an additional $300 million each year in early intervention services.

  • Increase the age children leave out of home care to 21 to allow young people who need it to receive ongoing support.

  • Raise the age of criminal responsibility to 16 and provide appropriate supports to children and young people at risk of serious offending.

  • Deliver real self determination to Aboriginal families in child protection and ensure Aboriginal children are kept in community and on country.

  • Repeal the damaging Forced Adoptions laws rammed through the NSW Parliament in November 2018 and reverse the appalling rate at which Aboriginal children are removed from their families.



public assets

Ensure public ownership of vital assets

Public assets and services should be owned and controlled by the public. Whether it’s parks, schools, hospitals or libraries, public ownership leads to better outcomes for the whole community, not just those who can afford to pay. It also means people's needs are prioritised first, not profits for private owners or operators.

Unbelievably, in the past eight years the Liberal-National Government has sold off more than $55 billion of our public assets, including land, electricity networks, bus and rail lines, historic public buildings like Sirius, and even prisons.

Meanwhile, essential public services have been outsourced to private operators, and government agencies responsible for water and forestry have been corporatised - meaning even our government services put profit before people.

The Government says privatisation is about saving money, but the evidence is clear that privatisation actually ends up costing the people of NSW, and delivering profits to a select few corporations.

The Greens believe it’s time our services and assets were returned to the people of NSW. We have a plan to keep public services in public hands and ensure the community, not profits, come first. We will:

  • Stop the sell off of public assets and privatisation of public services.

  • Reinstate the Public Works Department to undertake public infrastructure projects for the public benefit.

  • Establish a Public Ownership Commission to identify the services and assets that should return to public hands and map the path back to truly publicly-owned public services.

  • Commit to ambitious future public service delivery and work towards projects like a publicly owned renewable energy grid, expansion of public housing, and renewed investment in public health and education.

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End violence against women

End violence against women

Everyone has a right to live safely and free from fear. But family violence is at crisis levels. One woman is killed every week in Australia by a current or former partner. The Greens have a comprehensive plan to promote gender equality and end violence against women. We will provide:

  • A broad program for gender equality. Primary prevention to challenge the deeply ingrained attitudes, social norms and gender inequalities that give rise to men’s violence against women.
  • A holistic whole-of-government approach to tackling family violence. Implement all 49 ‘Safe State’ recommendations of the NSW Women’s Alliance – including decriminalising abortion by abolishing Division 12 of the Crimes Act.


  • Immediate and ongoing support for those experiencing violence. Provide an additional $30 million per year for specialist women’s legal services and Community Legal Centres.
  • Specialist services for women from different backgrounds. Provide $310 million over four years for specialist domestic and family violence services – including for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and CALD women and children, LGBTIQ people and children, and women and children with disability – and state-wide crisis services.

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