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The Northern Territory Greens have endorsed public health worker, environmental campaigner and advocate for young people, Jodi Lennox as their candidate for the Alice Springs Town Council.

Jodi Lennox has lived in Alice Springs since 2009. She has developed strong friendships and working relationships across the community, and considers Alice home. Jodi has always been passionate about supporting young people, and has worked in education to deliver engagement and leadership programs for girls. Currently she works in the health sector coordinating research projects that address the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal people.

Jodi grew up in rural NSW and spent her early adult years in Sydney. The mix of country and city helped her develop a strong sense of sharing and community, and to value the importance of working together to achieve community goals. Living in rural NSW, and now in Alice Springs, fostered Jodi’s love and respect for the environment; and deep respect for Aboriginal custodianship and human rights. She recognises the need to listen to voices in the community that may not otherwise be heard.

That’s why Jodi is passionate about being a voice for the Alice Springs community on Council. She believes that this town is full of people with great ideas and solutions to complex challenges, and is committed to working with and for the community to ensure those voices are heard in Council.

As a recent home owner, Jodi is invested in this Alice Springs and it’s diverse community. She loves riding her bike or walking her dog along the river, camping out bush and enjoying  one of the many arts or community events we are lucky to have.

Jodi decided to stand for Council after many conversations with family, friends and frustrated members of the community who didn’t feel that their voices were being adequately heard on Council. She is committed to using her skills and experience working with people to amplify community voices on Council - particularly the voices of young people and women.

The Greens have done valuable work on Council over the past few years - working with other Councillors to establish the tree register, employing an environment officer and progressing the important issues of waste management and recycling. Jodi is committed to building on that work. 

A vote for Jodi is a vote for community-driven Council. It’s a vote for someone who is committed to keeping our water and land safe from fracking, who will champion real investment in young people to keep them safe, healthy and out of trouble, and who will work hard to make sure our Town is a fair, vibrant and sustainable place for everyone.  

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Today Jodi Lennox has announced her commitment to women and girls in Alice Springs if she is elected to the Alice Springs Town Council.

“One of the key reasons I decided to stand for Council is because we need more women in leadership positions in our Town, having a say in the decisions that affect the lives of girls and women in our community.