Blair McFarland

Candidate for Lingiari

Werte, I’m Blair and I’m standing for the Greens in the seat of Lingiari.

I came to the Territory in 1986 and have lived in Central Australia ever since. I’m running for Lingiari to give all our communities a positive alternative to vote for - for climate, for First Nations justice, and for looking after land and water.

I’ve worked for more than 30 years in justice. For years, I worked for Tangentyere Council helping remote communities set up night patrols, and as a Probation Officer in Papunya.

In 2002, I founded the Central Australian Youth Link Up Service with Tangentyere as a petrol sniffing prevention service for young people, based here in Mparntwe Alice Springs. I’ve worked ever since to keep kids across Central Australia away from sniffing and out of prison.

We need a completely different approach to helping young people and finding justice, especially for First Nations kids. The federal government can play a leadership role, but Morrison and his Liberal Government have systematically starved housing, education and youth services of funding and taken power away from communities in the NT.

While managing CAYLUS, I helped to lead the community campaign for non-sniffable fuel in the Territory. When the Greens were last in the federal balance of power, I worked with Greens Senator Rachel Siewert to secure the Opal fuel rollout in the Territory that has saved young lives here. I know first-hand just how powerful a Green voice in Parliament can be.

I have only become more and more urgently interested in climate change as I’ve come to understand it. It really is now or never. We have to move away from gas and coal as fast as we can, and protect the water that allows us to live here in the desert. We can’t just keep letting big corporations wreck the land and water that sustain us.
Running for the Greens at this election is what I’ll tell my grandkids about when they ask what I did to help stop runaway climate change.

I’ll be out campaigning at the markets, on the streets and having cuppas with as many of you as I can during the campaign ahead. Come say hello and talk to me about what you’re interested in for the future of our communities!
Lingiari is a huge seat and I won’t be able to travel the whole seat on our shoestring campaign budget. If you can’t reach me in person in Mparntwe or on the road, please get in touch with me any time to discuss the issues that matter to you.