Nuclear Free Australia

The Australian Greens want a nuclear-free world and the elimination of nuclear weapons through a Nuclear Weapons Convention.

A nuclear free future

The Greens believe that there are unacceptable environmental, health, security and social costs associated with every facet of the nuclear industry. We believe that alternatives to nuclear energy exist today which make the nuclear power industry obsolete.

Nuclear waste in Australia

Let the Facts Speak

"Everywhere this industry touches down it leaves an imprint of misery and injury, and everywhere it goes it is challenged and fought. If each of us is called on to choose a side in the contest over nuclear energy on a warming planet, then at the very least, let the facts speak. "

The meltdowns at Fukushima have sharpened the debate over the future of nuclear energy in Australia and elsewhere. If a disaster that has created 150,000 radiation refugees and made 3% of Japan uninhabitable was not enough to end the debate, what kind of disaster will it take?

That's up to us. Download the new edition of Let the Facts Speak and join the campaign to end the nuclear age.

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