Seamus Lee

Candidate for Macquarie Fields

Hi, I’m Seamus and have lived in Sydney all my life, was educated at public schools during my younger years and graduated with an Arts degree in 2015. I now work in the IT industry.

I am committed to:

Making more affordable and social housing a priority in the Macquarie Fields electorate.

Seeing tighter controls on rising rents and unfair evictions to reduce homelessness and ensure our residents are securely housed.

Our reserves and remaining wildlife areas being protected and not further cleared for development. Our area is home to the healthiest Koala population in NSW and also to several threatened and vulnerable animal and plant species.

Government providing free public healthcare and increasing the number of health services available.

Standing up to Coal and Gas companies who are being allowed to open more new mines in NSW to extract much more of the stuff which is causing the Climate Emergency.

Promoting greater transparency in state politics and taking action to reduce the amount of political donations made to the major parties.

Services such as energy, public transport and schools being gradually brought back into the public sector.

The Greens core values of protecting our natural environment, promoting social and economic justice and working towards a more peaceful and sustainable future for us all.