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teacher and students
The Greens (WA) are committed to free, high quality and well-funded, life-long public education and training accessible to all
The Greens (WA) are committed to an energy future that produces and utilises energy in the most efficient and environmentally sustainable way
Solar Roof
The Greens believe that electricity should be affordable and generated from 100% renewable sources.
Wind turbines and solar panels - the future is in clean energy.
Read the full policy for building a distributed, diverse and competitive energy generation and storage system.
Polluted water
We have an ethical and practical responsibility to respect biodiversity and care for one another, other species and all habitats, both now and into the future.
Banking and finance
Government financing is the preferred mechanism for funding public infrastructure. Read the full policy.
Fishing sustainably so future generations can do this requires intelligent management and a practical licensing regime. Read the full policy.
Flying Fox
Flying-foxes are of central importance to the long term health of key ecosystems in Queensland. Read the full policy.
The Greens (WA) believe that all people should have access to nutritious, safe and culturally appropriate food. Food production should be sustainable
Farmer's Market food
Fundamental to Tasmania’s claims to being a clean, green and clever state is the way we produce and consume food.
Food and Agriculture - cows grazing in a field
Agriculture is a vital part of Queensland’s economy and cultural history. Read the full policy.
The Greens (WA) recognise that with comprehensive protection and good management, our native forests can form the form the centrepiece of a World Heritage listing
Save Native Forests
Tasmania’s unreserved native forests need be managed sensibly for future generations and so that they continue to support the ecological systems on which we depend.
Problem gambling is a serious public health issue that negatively affects individuals, families and communities. Read the full policy.
Game over pokies
The Tasmanian Greens believe that all members of our community are entitled to protection from the social harm that results from problem gambling.
The Greens (WA) believe that acceptance and celebration of people of diverse gender identities is essential for genuine social justice and equality
The Greens (WA) consider that genetic engineering offers the potential for enormous good and enormous harm and therefore should be treated with caution
Doctors hands with stethoscope
We believe care needs to move towards a more patient-centric mode of delivery, and that a greater focus on the social determinants of health will be required to reign in the overall health spend into the future.
An image of a woman checking the heartrate of a patient
Read the full policy on creating an effective health system.
Image of health professionals in a hospital
The Greens (WA) believe that access to a comprehensive, high quality health care system is a basic human right, and a public health system is the best way to deliver it
The Greens (WA) believe that heritage, including cultural heritage, is an asset to be respected and protected for current and future generations
Image Bank
The Tasmanian Greens believe having a secure, affordable place to call home is a fundamental human right.
The Greens (WA) believe that housing is a basic human right and the government is responsible for ensuring safe, secure and affordable housing
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
Appropriate economic development will bring employment and prosperity to Indigenous communities. Read the full policy.
The Industrial Relations movement, an image of a protest
The Queensland government must make every effort to protect employees from the effects of anti-worker laws.
Portrait of cheerful industrial engineer
Fair remuneration and safe working conditions are fundamental rights of all workers.
The Greens (WA) believe that for everyone to have equal access to justice, there must be appropriate policies and sufficient resourcing to overcome inequality
The Tasmanian Greens believe in a just, tolerant and fair society that provides equal opportunity to all people.
Law Enforcement, handcuffs
A just and effective law enforcement system protects the community. Read the full policy.
The Tasmanian Greens are committed to participatory democracy and recognise that local council activities impact on all citizens.
The Greens (WA) believe that Federal and State Constitutions should ensure the right of Local Governments to express the will of their constituents
Manufacturing Industry
Our manufacturing sector needs to be ecologically sustainable. Read the full policy.
The Greens (WA) consider that our marine and coastal environments are under increased pressure from human activities and must be better protected
Mental Health, a person in a rainbow parachute
All people have a right to independence, self-determination and quality mental health care. Read the full policy.
mental health
The Greens (WA) believe that all people who experience mental illness should have access to high quality mental health care, treatment and support
Mining Site.
Queensland is in the midst of a massive export driven coal and coal seam gas 'rush'. Read the full policy.
Mining Vehicle
The Greens believe all mining activity must meet stringent long-term environmental protection standards while delivering short and medium-term economic benefits to the wider Tasmanian community.
The Greens (WA) believe that mining wealth and exports in Western Australia must be balanced against social and environmental consequences
Yellow container with radioactive symbol
The Greens (WA) believe that there are unacceptable environmental, health, security and social costs associated with every facet of the nuclear industry