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tas State Policies

Aboriginal Affairs Thumbnail
The Tasmanian Greens recognise that the palawa pakana people had prior occupation of lutruwita, the land now known as Tasmania, for tens of thousands of years prior to the arrival of the first Europeans.
Agriculture pea farm
The Tasmanian Greens believe that Agriculture plays a pivotal role in Tasmania’s economy and culture and is a key source of employment in rural and regional areas.
Greyhound puppy with sad looking
The Tasmanian Greens believe that animals are sentient beings, capable of feeling and able to apprehend suffering. They have identifiable rights, and humans have the responsibility to protect these rights.
The Tasmanian Greens are committed to a community where the creative enterprises are supported and where enjoyment of creative activities is encouraged and promoted.
Climate Change - end of coal
Tasmania is well placed to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide an example as to how climate change can be addressed.
Coastal Marina
The Tasmanian Greens recognise that our coastal environment is of prime ecological, economic, social, and cultural value.
Community Development - Student on footpath
All Tasmanians have the right to participate in society and in all aspects of public life to the fullest extent of their interests and abilities.
Tasmanian Parliament
The Greens believe that in a rapidly changing world our public institutions and civic life need nurturing and constant renewal in order to function well.
Economic Development
Tasmania must continue to make the transition to a clean, clever, low-carbon and creative economy, becoming a world leader and centre of excellence for key industries.
Public School
The Tasmanian Greens believe that education is integral to our quality of life, and to Tasmania’s social and economic future.
Solar Roof
The Greens believe that electricity should be affordable and generated from 100% renewable sources.
Polluted water
We have an ethical and practical responsibility to respect biodiversity and care for one another, other species and all habitats, both now and into the future.
Farmer's Market food
Fundamental to Tasmania’s claims to being a clean, green and clever state is the way we produce and consume food.
Save Native Forests
Tasmania’s unreserved native forests need be managed sensibly for future generations and so that they continue to support the ecological systems on which we depend.
Game over pokies
The Tasmanian Greens believe that all members of our community are entitled to protection from the social harm that results from problem gambling.
Doctors hands with stethoscope
We believe care needs to move towards a more patient-centric mode of delivery, and that a greater focus on the social determinants of health will be required to reign in the overall health spend into the future.
Image Bank
The Tasmanian Greens believe having a secure, affordable place to call home is a fundamental human right.
Portrait of cheerful industrial engineer
Fair remuneration and safe working conditions are fundamental rights of all workers.
The Tasmanian Greens believe in a just, tolerant and fair society that provides equal opportunity to all people.
The Tasmanian Greens are committed to participatory democracy and recognise that local council activities impact on all citizens.
Mining Vehicle
The Greens believe all mining activity must meet stringent long-term environmental protection standards while delivering short and medium-term economic benefits to the wider Tasmanian community.
Professional analysing graphs
The planning system in Tasmania should be structured to arrive at good decisions, not simply quick decisions, and should maximise community engagement.
Law Enforcement, handcuffs
The Tasmanian Greens believe peace and non-violence are essential principles of an open, democratic society.
Forest with low clouds
Tasmania’s wilderness areas, National Parks and reserves have inestimable intrinsic value as ecological treasures and biodiversity havens.
mother and children look from train window
An efficient, integrated system of road, rail, air and sea transport is necessary to support the economy, provide greater social equity and minimise pollution.
business with csr
The Greens are committed to responsible budget management. Budgets need to be assessed on long-term environmental, social and cultural impacts.
Rainbow waste bins
The Tasmanian Greens believe that proper waste management is a matter of social, environmental and economic urgency.
Shark in sunlit water
Plentiful, clean water is crucial to the future of Tasmania, its people and its ecosystems.