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Community Sports and Recreation

Community sport and recreation supports individual and community physical and mental health and wellbeing.


  1. Community sport and recreation supports individual and community physical and mental health and wellbeing.

  2. A diverse range of community sport and recreation opportunities should be available to and inclusive of all Victorians, irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability,   socio-economic background or sporting ability.

  3. The State Government must ensure that local community sporting and recreational facilities, services and infrastructure are available to all Victorians. 

  4. Sport and physical recreation are an essential part of Australian culture.  

  5. Participation in sport plays an important role in the development of social, organisational and communication skills.

  6. Community-based sporting clubs and associations are an integral part of our society.

  7. The staging of sporting events and the building of sporting facilities must minimise ecological impacts.

  8. Increasing semi-professionalization of community sport harms the financial sustainability and community focus of local sporting clubs.

  9. Facilities wholly funded by the community should be accessible to all community members, regardless of club membership.  


The Australian Greens Victoria will work towards:

Community Sport and Recreational Facilities

  1. Appropriate support and resourcing for local sports clubs and community facilities.

  2. To encourage mentor programs between established sports clubs and smaller community clubs.

  3. An increased promotion of women’s sport and recreation.

  4. Support for sporting clubs to educate their members on the harms of performance-enhancing drugs.

  5. Support for local government to provide accessible, well-resourced and safe sporting and physical recreation facilities to the community.

  6. To mandate the provision, design and access of sport and recreation facilities for all Victorians, regardless of specific gender, disability, cultural or religious requirements.

  7. To encourage gender balance in local sports club operations and activities, including in management structures.
  8. Better resourcing of physical recreation and promotion of participation in local clubs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

  9. Sporting clubs to be required to establish and implement an inclusiveness plan for participants with diverse cultural, religious, gender or disability requirements.

  10. To prioritize sustainable sport and recreation in the community sector by fostering research, providing assistance on sustainable practices and promoting best practice.

    Community Health and Wellbeing

  11. Through conditions on financial support for community clubs and competitions, to encourage a culture of respect for women and to discourage the excessive consumption of alcohol.  

  12. Development of innovative public education programs that promote the benefits of whole-of-life physical activity.
  13. Funding of programs that focus on sports injury prevention.

  14. To reduce deaths by drowning, that all children should be taught to swim at school and should be competent in water survival skills as young as possible.