Pre-fab Building Revolution

The Greens’ plan for Australian-made prefabricated housing and jobs.

Sustainable Australian prefabricated housing

The cost of building new homes in Australia is too high and the time construction takes adds to that cost. This is especially the case for apartments.

Pre-fabricated housing can be manufactured and installed much faster and cheaper than conventional homes.

The emerging sustainable prefabricated housing industry provides the opportunity we need to deliver affordable homes, at the scale and pace we need. The Greens will provide $50m over five years to kick-start a ‘home grown’ supply chain from plantation to factory, and a new wave in manufacturing, innovation, design, skills and training as a crucial part of the transition economy.

The Australian Greens’ $50m package over five years will:

  • Provide support for research and development, innovation, excellence in design, skills and training, assistance establishing new production and manufacturing facilities, and demonstration projects.
  • Offer opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples for training, trade qualifications, and employment across the prefabricated housing industry.
  • Contribute to the delivery of 60,000 new prefabricated homes as part of our 10 year National Housing Affordability Plan
  • Include a strong ‘Australian made’ target to ensure local jobs and opportunities

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There is a new industrial revolution occurring in the way we create buildings, bringing together new digital technology, manufacturing, and construction skills. Unlike the advances made in other industries like energy, transport and health, housing and buildings are still being constructed in Australia in similar ways to medieval Europe: one brick at a time, and using incredibly resource-intensive materials and methods of production.

We simply cannot continue to use the same materials and construction methods to build and expect to meet current demand fast enough, or to provide an affordable product for low-median income Australians.

The Greens know prefabricated housing is faster, more sustainable, and more affordable to build. We also recognise its potential to support a new wave of Australian innovation, design, manufacturing and construction.