This content is from the 2013 national Federal election and is visible for historical purposes only. Please see our Initiatives page for the most recent content.

Protect our Parks

The Greens want national parks protected by national laws to protect precious species and habitats. 

We love national parks!

The Australian Greens have celebrated World Environment Day by announcing a new plan to protect the country's national parks from attacks by state governments (PDF).

UPDATE June 20: Larissa Waters, Greens Senator for Queensland, moved a motion calling for national protection for our national parks.  The old parties voted no.

National parks are under threat like never before, with Queensland’s Campbell Newman opening national parks for logging and grazing; New South Wales’ Barry O’Farrell allowing shooting in national parks and Victoria’s Dennis Napthine continuing to push forcattle grazing in the Alpine National Park.

Federal Labor is all talk and no action on national parks: Tony Burke said almost two years ago that he would step in to save national parks, but he still hasn't done anything.

And an Abbott government would give state governments complete control over the national environment, letting them continue to attack national parks - and more.

The Greens are the only party that Australians can trust to care for our environment.

If you love national parks too, stand with us.