Kirsten Lovejoy

Kirsten Lovejoy

Candidate for McConnel

I’m a long-time Spring Hill local, working and raising my family with my supportive partner, two kids, our cat, and food-thief dog Myrtle. Throughout my years as a volunteer in the local area, I’ve seen the frustration of people who have been repeatedly let down by politicians and the old parties. I share these frustrations, and that’s why I’m proud to run for the Greens, a party that has the future in sight and which always places people and our natural environment at its core.

As member for McConnel, I’ll move to strengthen transparency, integrity and accountability to ensure the highest standards in government and the public sector. As the only party in Queensland that refuses corporate donations, the Greens can truly represent the people’s interests in parliament before corporations.

In their rush to fast-track profits for developer-giants, the old parties have put public transport, schools and parks last. We need to prioritise sustainable development that will create, connect and deliver liveable communities, grow local green and public space, and make sure local schools have the space they need.

Strong communities and viable economic futures are not built by gifting 13 hectares of public land to a mega-casino, with addictive poker machines, that preys on the most vulnerable. The Greens will invest in the infrastructure Brisbane really needs - starting with a new inner-city primary and high school at Queens Wharf, and increased local parkland.

I’m proud to be standing for the Greens in the seat of McConnel, in central Brisbane.

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Under the Greens, houses and apartments left deliberately vacant in Brisbane will be taxed 5% every year, raising $800 million over five years.

Queensland Greens candidate for McConnel, Kirsten Lovejoy, said “Our housing system is broken. Right now there are 20,000 homeless people across Queensland while in Brisbane alone there are 21,000 houses and apartments sitting empty.”

“When there are more houses and apartments sitting empty than homeless people you know our system is broken.