Fully Funded Health & Education

Labor and the LNP have chronically underfunded public health and education in Queensland.

Universal Public Health 

Every year Queensland Health has to rent beds from private hospitals just to deal with the flu season. It’s difficult to access a bulk-billing GP and the waiting list for elective surgery is increasing every year. It’s clear we need to invest more in public healthcare.

  • The Greens will hire 6,500 more nurses and 3,000 more doctors, and create 21,000 additional hospital beds.
  • Establish 200 public health clinics with free publicly funded and paid GPs


Fully Fund Public Education

Public education should be free. But last year Queensland parents had to pay $89 million in school service fees, and millions more in extra costs. Queensland state schools are some of the most underfunded in the country because the Queensland Government only provides 69.26% of the needs-based funding to state schools.

  • The Greens will fully fund Queensland state schools with an extra $7 billion over four years for smaller class sizes, more teachers, better resources, and no fees
  • Create an additional $250 million yearly school infrastructure fund to upgrade existing state schools and build new schools in areas of need
  • Abolish all school service fees, excursion costs and textbook costs


How We Pay For It 

Queensland is a wealthy state but Labor's decision to freeze mining royalties means ordinary people will pay for this crisis. Over the last 10 years mining corporations have exported over $480 billion in resources but only paid 7% in royalties. While banks and developers made billions in profit. So the Greens think big corporations should pay.  Here’s how:

  • Increase mining royalties to raise $55 billion over four years
  • Introduce a 0.05% levy on the big banks to raise $4.6 billion over four years
  • Tax developers on land value gains from rezoning, reducing corruption and raising $7.8 billion over four years.