G’day, I’m Aaron. 


When I’m not working on rooftops installing solar power, I’m a student, event promoter and a DJ. I’ve lived in Cairns for the last twenty years, and I’m passionate about protecting my home and the people in it. I want to make sure FNQ gets a fair crack.

I’ve been paying close attention to Queensland politics over the past decade or so, and one thing, in particular, has stood out: people do not trust the pollies! And fair enough, I say. No wonder people are tuning out: every time we tune in, there’s another corruption scandal or dodgy deal. There’s no way a handful of business leaders should have more influence than voters do. That’s how we end up with big corporations recording record profits, while ordinary people get saddled with stagnant wages and debt. I’m all about bringing profits back to the people.

Like most locals, I hold a deep appreciation for the magnificence that surrounds our little slice of paradise. Not only because of its natural wonder but because our economy relies on it. People come from all over the world to share our environment, and we need to care for it so we can keep enjoying it for generations to come. 

Climate change is a legit threat to our way of life, and the tropics are already feeling the effects. We need smart and proactive leadership right now because this challenge could be an opportunity in disguise. 

Our region can be a major exporter of renewable energy, with the industry providing locals with thousands of jobs in manufacturing, construction, and operations.

Queensland needs representatives with integrity, who will fight to repair politics and put the good of the many over the profits of the few. We can create a better future for all of us across the state by developing essential services like energy, health, and construction, all while lowering emissions and putting better wages back into the hands of regular people like you and me.

Will you be part of our movement?