Hi! My name is Andrea.


I have lived and worked in this area my whole life. I raised my four daughters here, worked as a nurse and midwife and volunteered in the local community - first by my parents' side, then with my kids by my side. 

I began my career as a community nurse in Woodridge, where I learned the skills of talking with community members and actively listening to their concerns, so I could help empower them to get what they needed. Later on, I was a passionate midwife for twelve years, including five years as a home birth midwife travelling all over Brisbane.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been volunteering as a disability advocate, as I am now a wheelchair user. The use of technology, the NDIS and other support structures during the pandemic have transformed our work environments. They have enabled me to blaze trails back into the workplace and continue to make a significant contribution to our community.

I identify as Indigenous Fijian / Australian and enjoy living in the multicultural community we have here in Stretton. It's really important to me as a parent that my children can connect with their culture. But our area desperately needs more women's health services, and more support to help those affected by domestic violence

I'm proud of the Queensland Greens plan to establish 200 culturally aware community health clinics across the state, expand our publicly funded health care system and reduce waiting lists for elective surgery. And I'm so excited about our proposals to establish Queensland's own public pharmaceutical company and to upgrade the infrastructure of our public schools to ensure they are accessible for everyone. These ideas will make a huge difference to everyone in our community.

I'm proud to be part of our movement for change.