Anna Sri

Senate candidate for Queensland

Hi, I'm Anna, a Senate candidate for the Greens in Queensland.

As a veterinarian and public health advocate, I'm passionate about the connections between human, animal and environmental health.

There are huge issues impacting my generation and Australians in general – housing stress, job insecurity, and increasing inequality – all under the spectre of natural disasters and a pandemic. Yet our current parliament doesn't represent the diversity of Australians nor act on behalf of them.

My work shows me that prevention is better than cure. The solutions are right in front of us – fully funding healthcare, including dental and mental under Medicare; addressing the climate and ecological crisis, including protecting our Great Barrier Reef; and providing everyone with a guaranteed income they can actually live on. These are all realistic and achievable if mining billionaires and big corporations just pay their fair share.

Unfortunately, I've also seen first-hand how poorly people can treat animals. We must protect wildlife and their habitats, enact strong, national laws to end animal cruelty, ban live export of animals, and end intensive factory farming - with a just transition for workers employed in those industries. 

For too long political donations from these industries have meant that the Liberals/Nationals and Labor are committed to keeping cruel practices going. We can do better.

I’m proud to be a Greens candidate because we can’t be bought by corporate donations. We will stand up and take action when it's needed, not when it's too late. 

Will you stand with me?