Anne Jackson

Candidate for Hinkler

Hi, I’m Anne and I’m running as your Greens candidate for Hinkler.

I have lived in this region for a bit under 20 years, and am currently employed as a casual roadside attendant. My spare time is put to use growing my own food, collecting recyclables, and caring for animals. I love my work, our area, and enjoy keeping it clean and unpolluted. I believe in leading by example, rather than being led by opinion.

The people of Hinkler have had our rights and choices removed as a trial site for the cashless debit card. I see the anger and feel the growing disillusionment in our region. People are frustrated and expect better treatment and service from the government.

We should help those in poverty – not punish them. We can care for our communities and stimulate the economy by increasing Newstart and Youth Allowance, raising the minimum wage and guaranteeing access to social, disability and aged care services.

Our safety net is a right and must not be privatised. The cashless debit card sets a costly and dangerous precedent for our future and must be scrapped.

What drives me is witnessing climate disasters, first hand and all around the world, which kill people, destroy homes, damage infrastructure and crops and devastate delicate eco-systems. As renewable energy is now cheaper than coal, the transition to a cleaner economy is now inevitable, with long-term benefits for all.

With a return to free training and education for everyone, we can ensure people have the skills they need for a renewable future, where nobody is left out as we leave the coal economy behind.

Our communities can have clean, safe, affordable public and active transport. By properly funding local bus services, we could help people get where they’re going quicker, cleaner, and link up our rural and regional communities.

We all deserve to live in a united community with a fair go for everyone. It’s an honour to represent the best policies on the table in every issue and to help build a future for all of us.

Anne Jackson, Candidate for Hinkler

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