Hi, I'm Anthony

Queensland is a wealthy state, but ordinary people are missing out. I want every Queenslander to enjoy the benefits of living here, not just mining billionaires.

The Greens have a plan to rebuild Queensland and ensure everyone has access to the services they need to have a good life. We want to build bulk-billing GP clinics throughout Queensland, fully fund public schools so they are genuinely free and make public hospitals accessible to everyone with more beds and free parking for patients and staff.  

We want to build enough social housing to ensure everyone can have a secure, comfortable home, invest in top-quality publicly owned renewable energy infrastructure, and build new factories so we can produce our own solar panels, wind turbines and green steel right here in Queensland. This will revitalise our manufacturing and construction industries and create thousands of jobs across Queensland.

We want every Queensland child to have the best start in life. We'll create a free healthy breakfast and lunch program in every Qld state school, and save families thousands of dollars a year with our free club sports program. 

Our plans are fully costed. We will raise $67 billion over the next four years by making big banks, developers and mining corporations pay their fair share in state-based taxes. Then use this revenue to create better infrastructure for our communities, including fast, free and frequent public transport. 

This election, we have the opportunity to transform Queensland politics in favour of ordinary people and get more for Queenslanders, less for billionaires. 

That's why I want to give the people of Callide the opportunity to vote Green