Hi, I'm Ben, a passionate member of your Greens Senate team for Queensland. 

I live in suburban Brisbane with my wife and school-aged children, proudly operating our family-owned Psychology practice. Work-life balance can be tough, especially in a crisis, but we love supporting fellow Queenslanders. 

As a social scientist, I've spent the pandemic doing all I can to grow the capacity of our mental health system. It broke my heart to turn people away during our mental health crisis, especially children. 

Waiting lists are far too long. People simply can't afford to get the help they need. Gaps in the mental health system have become chasms. The Greens are the only party with a plan to ensure everyone can access mental healthcare when they need it, not just when they can afford it.

Last time The Greens were in balance of power, we got free dental for kids into Medicare. This time we will fight to get people the mental health care they deserve. Even better, it will be funded by taxing greedy billionaires and big corporations making big profits. 

Small business is the mainstay of Queensland's economy, employing half of all workers in the private sector. Small businesses support their local community, local economy, and adapt quickly to new challenges.

While the Greens champion small business, Labor, the Libs/Nats and One Nation all chase 'donations' from big corporations. We simply have to get dirty money out of politics, establish a Federal ICAC with teeth to end the corruption. 

I've been so privileged to spend the last 30 years serving Queenslanders through crime prevention, environmental advocacy and essential service provision. I look forward to meeting more Queenslanders on the campaign trail, advocating for a happy, healthy and sustainable future.