Bernard Lakey

Candidate for Bonner

Hi, I'm Bernard.

I'm an accountant and have worked in management roles for the last 35 years in both the private and not-for-profit sectors. Originally from rural Victoria, I moved to Queensland in 2011. My wife and I have been married for forty years with children and grandchildren.

I am running for the Greens because I believe communities and businesses prosper in a fair and just society. 

But right now, wealth inequality is flourishing in Australia. It is barely possible to get ahead on an average wage, let alone on welfare. People are locked out of owning a home, education and training is increasingly expensive, and our public health system is under-resourced and inadequate for a post-pandemic life. 

Our changing climate makes this inequality an even greater risk to our already destabilised society. Meanwhile, the politicians we elect to represent us take massive donations from fossil fuel billionaires and corporations, so represent their interests instead.

But it doesn't have to continue this way. 

By making corporations and billionaires pay their fair share of tax, we can build enough public homes to ensure everyone has a roof over their head. We can make public education, from school through TAFE and university, free again. And we can cover dental and mental healthcare under Medicare. 

These are strategic investments in our society with a return for all of us, community and business alike. 

By banning corporate donations to political parties and introducing a robust and independent federal corruption commission, we can bring our politicians to account. 

We can have real climate action by reaching crucial 2030 climate targets and becoming a renewable energy export hub, with a 700% renewables target. 

By recognising the connections between climate change and health, community and the individual, the state and inequality, we can build a brighter future for our children and theirs. 

This time, vote Green.