Hello, I’m Carolyn.

I’m a mother of two and have lived in the Kennedy Valley with my husband John for 36 years. We raised our children here, and it’s been a joy seeing them progress from Kennedy State School to Tully High and then on to James Cook University.

Like many North Queenslanders, I’ve lived a life of experiences, of interactions, of observations. I think I can fairly say I know North Queensland, I know its environment, and I know its people. I’m originally from Cairns and have family connections to Charters Towers, Scottville, Collinsville, Innisfail, Cairns, Townsville, Tully and Ingham. I’ve also had a long career in this region, working in sugarcane research and development, exotic fruit farming, and accountancy and engineering consultancy businesses. 

It breaks my heart that politicians who are supposed to represent us are standing by, watching us lose the lifestyle we love, our Reef, our unique wildlife and our strong community values, just so the corporations that fund their campaigns can continue to make a profit. Our economy is inefficient, unfair and unsustainable, and it’s urgent that we change course now, and leave nobody behind. 

Like many, I feel frustrated and let down by those that are in elected positions of power who refuse to answer questions about dealing with climate change. We can have an economy that works for us, not against us. We can have publicly owned renewable energy, genuinely free health care and education. And we can afford all of this just by making mining billionaires pay their fair share.

Will you join me in building a brighter future for all of us?