Charles Druckmann

Candidate for Pullenvale Ward

Hi, I’m Charles, and I am running for Pullenvale Ward in the Brisbane City Council 2024 election.

Imagine Brisbane in 10 to 20 years. Do you see a city of skyscrapers and gridlocked traffic, or well-planned neighbourhoods with ample greenspace where everything you need is at your fingertips?

The future of our city is up for grabs, and here in Pullenvale Ward it’s between more of the same with the LNP, or a better future for all of us, with the Greens.

I’m an urban and environmental planner with a Master’s in Development Practice, and I currently run my own small business with my partner, Cecilia, in Moggill.

Born and raised in Brookfield, the Pullenvale Ward has always been my home, and I care about its future.

As your Councillor I will champion community priorities to make smart investments in infrastructure, accessibility and sustainability

​Join my campaign to help shape our ward and city.