Claire Garton

Candidate for Moorooka

I’m running for The Greens in Moorooka Ward for the 2020 Brisbane City Council elections to ensure the voices of our community are heard in Council.

Hi, I’m Claire.  I’m a parent, IT professional, LGBTIQA+ advocate, and passionate member of our community.

I love the rich diversity our area has attracted and am deeply invested in the neighbourhood I have made my home since 2005, having previously lived in nearby suburbs, and originally from Far North Queensland.  I have developed numerous local connections and gained substantial knowledge, fostering many great friendships. 

Everyone has the right to a happy and fulfilling life, and my vision includes well-designed sustainable development, beautiful and functional green spaces, environmental wildlife areas, and the establishment of a local cultural festival.

I want to put decision-making power back into the hands of residents. The Greens are the only party to refuse corporate donations, which means I’ll always put the interests of people first.

Greens Councillor Jonathan Sri has been giving a voice to the residents of the Gabba Ward, and I will do the same for Moorooka Ward.

Will you join me?