Hi, I'm Clancy.

I love the Keppel area. It is a beautiful part of the world. I grew up with my family and have started my own family here.

After finishing Year 12 at Yeppoon State High School, I moved interstate to go to uni. I got homesick and returned to study Engineering at Central Queensland University. Well resourced, life-long training and education helps to better our community, and it always should be free. 

I've worked in a range of industries, including construction, security, tourism, hospitality and education. My current focus is being a parent, housekeeper and home renovator.

Queensland has faced numerous challenges this year, especially here in the regions. Now is the time to invest in public infrastructure in health, housing, education and renewable energy networks to build a better future for everyone. By just making the big end of town pay their fair share, we can get there. 

I believe in love and working together to build a brighter world.