Hi, I'm Craig.

My wife and I have a whole bunch of kids, 8 between us. They are all grown up now, some with kids of their own (5 grandchildren and counting), the little ones have such a natural joy. As my wife and I watch the family grow, I can't help but worry for their future. 

Our kids are in their early twenties to early thirties, making their homes, building their independence and starting families of their own. The challenges facing Queensland families are not in the distant future and theoretical, they are immediate and on our doorsteps. 

Together, we're faced with climate change, unaffordable housing, and the rising cost of essential services like water and power. Add poor job security and the extreme casualisation of work to the mix. We need solutions. 

My working life to date has been spent in hospitality as a chef. I started out working in pubs, then a resort. Subsequently, I began working for some of the most vulnerable people in our communities, in the aged-care, childcare and disability support sectors. 

I witnessed first-hand what happened when my employer moved to a "for-profit" model. With it came cutbacks, reduced working hours and eventually forced redundancies. And why? Because the accountant said so.

Poor choices and decisions have been made by the old parties for years. They've failed to acknowledge experts and evidence. They've failed to act on reducing carbon emissions, on homelessness, on lessening the cost of education and on providing timely access to free health-care services. They've continuously undercut the welfare of communities in favour of their corporate donor's bottom line. 

It doesn't have to be this way. At the core of every Greens policy is the welfare of communities. Our plan for Queensland is based on evidence and demonstrated success in other progressive democracies around the world. We listen to and act on expert advice, we hear the communities over corporations. 

We hear you. Chose the Greens first for yourself, your family, your community and your state.