Hi, I'm Daniel. 

I live on the Sunshine Coast with my wife and two young children. We moved here almost a decade ago for the same reasons as many others - the prospect of an unparalleled lifestyle in an idyllic climate with first-class public education and health care in easy reach

Currently, I help run a building company and also work with new business startups to build their digital applications and better harness technology for growth and job creation. Supporting my customers involves listening to people share their stories and concerns so that I can help their businesses better deliver services to our community. 

I'm standing as your Greens representative in Ninderry to represent our community without the corrosive influence of political donations or private interests clouding transparency. For too long, politics has been another tool of corporate interests. Now is the time to end the culture of "jobs for the boys", and jam the revolving doors between parliament and the corporate world. 

I want to ensure that businesses on the Coast are supported and have every opportunity for job creation. In tomorrow's agile economy, we need to foster growth in emerging industries and capitalise on advances in health care, education, transport and public service delivery, all while remaining transparent and inclusive. 

I'm excited about the Greens plans to create thousands of good, secure jobs and to fully fund public health and education. By making big mining corporations, banks and developers pay their fair share in taxes and royalties, we will put people and community first. 

By reversing the privatisation of energy, we can move away from emission-intensive production and energy generation, reduce power bills, and transition our entire economy. We must refuse any public assistance to new thermal coal projects and transition these workers to other jobs in mining for the renewables-based future we need. 

The Sunshine Coast should have frequent, free buses and a fast rail link to Brisbane. This would encourage companies to locate more hubs on the Sunshine Coast, improve tourism and help our local economy thrive. Good government should be committed to the best solutions that address challenges to our quality of life for all of us. 

The Greens plan for Queensland will help us prepare for the escalating hazards of climate change but leave nobody, at all, behind

I am so happy to be a part of a movement that is by the people, for the people. Will you join us?