Hi, I'm Daniel.

I'm a local small business owner with a passion for sustainability in business. I want to see inclusive economic and social policies which benefit all of us, not just a wealthy few. 

I've lived in Cairns for the last 11 years. I was born in NSW, lived in England during early schooling and returned to Australia, growing up in South Australia. 

After becoming a SCUBA diving instructor and working in the Cairns tourism industry, I fell in love with the nature and beauty of our region, from the rainforest to the reef. We have wide-ranging opportunities and a friendly, progressive local community. 

I was horrified to watch first-hand the consecutive years of mass coral bleaching in 2016/2017 that was widespread across the great barrier reef. This led me to learn and understand more about future renewable technologies that will eventually replace fossil fuels like coal and gas and how we could drastically reduce our power bills by bringing forward our targets for reducing our emissions. Science provides overwhelming evidence that shows we are suffering a catastrophic climate emergency. 

For too long Queensland Labor and the LNP have offered us a false choice: more climate-destroying thermal coal, or poverty and unemployment in regions like ours. But it's a lie to protect their fossil fuel donors.  

We can create 1,485 good, secure jobs a year in Cairns and surrounds alone by ending electricity privatisation in Queensland and transitioning to 100% renewables by 2030. Let's unlock the enormous renewable energy potential across regional Queensland by building solar, wind and pumped hydro. By scrapping private retailers down in the south-east corner who push up our prices in the far north, and ending greedy price-gouging, we'll also have cheaper power bills for all of us. 

With historically low-interest rates and government bond rates, we have a perfect opportunity to borrow and invest in crucial public infrastructure like social housing. We can create local jobs and security and drastically reduce our high youth unemployment rates, generating 1,112 local jobs a year and building 5,500 homes over the next four years. 

I'm honoured to be your Greens candidate for Cairns and want to work alongside you to build a future for all of us.