David Ford

Candidate for Holland Park

Hey, I’m Dave Ford, and I’m excited to represent our community as the Greens Candidate for Holland Park Ward.

I'm a proud Bundjalung and Yuggera man and I've grown up and lived in the Holland Park area for over forty years. My family's connection to the area dates back over six decades. My entire family has lived in Holland Park since the 1950s, my grandparents, parents and siblings all call Holland Park home. I attended Cavendish Road High School and have been involved with our community for many years.

As a current employee of the Brisbane City Council, working closely alongside our libraries and other important public spaces, I can see just how important it is to maintain and expand our public services.

I’m passionate about ensuring we have well-connected communities, through the provision of beautiful public parks and facilities for family and friends to get together, and through well connected active public transport systems that everyone can access.

Over the past few years we’ve seen big developers and corporations get the only say on how our city develops. I want to ensure my neighbours and community get a say on the decisions that will impact them.

With the planning for the Olympics well underway, we need to ensure we have representatives who are willing to fight to make sure we maintain our green spaces, improve our public transport systems, and make a serious plan to tackle the housing crisis.

Brisbane City Council services and decisions impact all of us everyday; but after 19-years of LNP governance (and complacency), Council is well overdue for a shake-up.

Join my campaign and together, we can make it happen.