Hi, I'm Deborah. 

My career in tourism and hospitality management, and more recently in education and mental health services that supported youth, provides me with valuable skills to bring to the region that I've called home for 13 years. 

I'm excited to be running as the Greens candidate for Buderim in the coming Queensland election. It's the country of the Gubbi Gubbi people, and I honour the 60,000 years of care that they have taken for this land. I will act to ensure that the significant places here remain as testimony to their care. 

 I'm an innovative optimist and realise that being an optimist in the face of climate change takes courage to commit to change in the way we live. So I'm excited about the Greens four-year economic recovery plan for Queensland that will create tens of thousands of jobs per year by investing in public services and infrastructure. 

We can have more bulk-billing GP clinics, truly free public schools, free kids sport and more affordable housing. By making property developers, big banks, and mining corporations pay their fair share, we can have a more comfortable standard of living for all. 

Enabling older people to move around and connect in the community is a key objective I strive for. We can have free and frequent public transport, will significantly reduce pollution, and is a cheaper option than endlessly building more roads.  

Now is the time to stand against the corporatisation of government that only serves the interests of multinationals and billionaires at the cost of our communities. 

The Greens stand for participative democracy. That means me hearing the concerns you have.  Please let me know your thoughts and dreams for a bright future in Buderim.