Hi, I'm Deby

After spending the first 40 years of my life in metropolitan Melbourne, I made the tree-change to live in the Daintree, off the grid. My husband and I created a haven for ourselves on five acres, living independent of mains water, electricity, gas and sewerage. This experience has shown me the potential we have living on this earth and how to live sustainably. 

Within a few months of moving to the Daintree, I secured a safety, environment and human resources role at a sugar mill. One of my responsibilities is co-ordinating return-to-work for injured workers, which has opened my eyes to the very limited health care in our region. It is common to wait a week to see a doctor, and the only alternative is to go to the emergency ward, putting pressure on an already under-resourced hospital.  

I fully support the Greens plan to establish 200 Community Health Clinics across the state, with bulk billing GPs and specialists to take the pressure off our hospital system. 

I am passionate about improving our way of life. My experience of many years as a health, safety, environment and human resources advisor has provided me with the understanding of legislative frameworks and job creation. I want our beautiful region to have more employment opportunities, especially to support businesses in the protection of our waterways, reef and rainforest. 

Our local public schools must be fully funded with improved resources and infrastructure and all fees abolished. Our young people should have better opportunities to grow to their best person through a supportive and tailored learning environment.

All of us living here at the top end of Queensland and in the Torres Strait should have opportunities afforded elsewhere in the state. By making mining billionaires and property developers pay their fair share in royalties and taxes, we can have more publicly owned basics like housing, energy, health and education for all, and create jobs, too. 

I was driven to get involved in politics because I felt angry and let down by government, and came to understand I had to be part of the change I wanted to see. 

When we work together in a movement for change, we are powerful.