Hello, my name is Earl.

I was born in Brisbane and have lived in the Moreton Bay Shire for 32 years with my partner and two children. I've been in the hospitality industry for many years, working as a chef and operating a family restaurant and small business for 14 years. As well as continuing to work in the industry, I am studying Community Development at university.

I've been lucky enough to travel widely, including living in Papua New Guinea for five years. My experiences have shown me the importance of empowered and enabled communities supported by well-funded infrastructure with a healthy natural environment around them. 

Right now, people feel neglected by the politicians they elected to represent them. Housing is getting more expensive, rents are skyrocketing, and it's harder for ordinary people to make ends meet. But it doesn't have to be this way. 

The Greens will reduce cost of living expenses by putting dental and mental health in Medicare, building one million public homes, protecting renter's rights, lifting all income support payments above the poverty line to $88 a day, making all education free from childcare to university and TAFE, scrapping student debt, and creating a Treaty with First Nations people. All paid for by making billionaires and big corporations, not ordinary people, pay their fair share in tax. This gives me hope. 

We live in a great part of the world, which we need to sustain for future generations. I am a keen hiker in wilderness areas and understand how climate change affects many aspects of our lives. We see it in the terrible bushfires a couple of years ago, the ongoing coral bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef, and the recent floods. The frequency and intensity of these events have left many of us reeling. You ask yourself, "What can I do to help"? 

While we can all do our bit to recycle, compost, use solar, or plant trees to reduce our carbon emissions, we know that these steps aren't enough without transforming Australia's economy away from coal. 

This is why I'm excited by the Greens' common-sense plan to transition coal workers with a job guarantee into clean energy production and revive Queensland's manufacturing industry. Building a future for all of us means leaving nobody behind, and together, we are powerful.

Are you ready to join us?