Edward Naus

Candidate for Deagon

Hi, I’m Edward, and I'm proud to be your candidate for Deagon.

I have an IT degree and have worked in a variety of roles in the private and government sectors. Right now, I'm working for a non-government organisation that helps people who need social supports. 

The last decade in politics at all levels of government has truly shown that change is desperately needed. That's why I'm stepping up for our community - to listen to you, solve your concerns and help Deagon be the best it can be.

I know that ensuring we have a safe and healthy environment has a huge impact on the quality of our daily lives. The lack of local government action during the 2022 floods in our ward showed me that we desperately need change on Council.

As your Councillor, I will work on the issues that affect us: the climate crisis, housing affordability, better connected public transport, green space and support for people in need.

I can often be seen zooming around from Boondall to Sandgate to Taigum on my e-bike. If you see me, always feel free to flag me down for a chat about your concerns and how you can get involved in the Deagon campaign.

Together, we can win this and create a better future for our community.