Ellisa Parker

Candidate for Maranoa

G'Day, I'm Ellisa Parker, your candidate for the electorate of Maranoa.

Life in rural Australia is like no other experience. We are surrounded by beautiful landscapes full of native flora and fauna, and have a strong sense of community that helps us support each other through the toughest times. 

But rural areas like our own, are also neglected by the government. We lack infrastructure, affordable housing, long-term job opportunities and easy access to bulk-billed medical care. 

These experiences, my studies at the Australian Agricultural College in Mareeba and living and working on farms and for natural resource sectors on the Darling Downs, have made me realise how important it is to have a Greens presence within this electorate. 

I want our region to stay as beautiful as it is today, and I want us all to have access to the services and opportunities we need to live a good life. We need legislation that will protect our way of life and guarantee we have clean air and water, healthy soil and vibrant, resilient communities for generations to come. 

We need a strong Greens voice in parliament to push the next government to go faster and further on climate action, provide more support for rural and remote Queenslanders, as well as free childcare, dental and mental healthcare into Medicare and sustainable agriculture including carbon farming. These are all realistic and achievable when we make mining billionaires and big corporations pay their fair share of tax. 

I will be a strong voice for Maranoa and make sure your needs are heard and met by our government. 

Will you help me?