My name is Emma

I moved from the Northern Territory to Mackay for work 3 years ago and instantly fell in love with the region. From the hard-working, friendly community to the beautiful natural environment, events, festivals and spirit, we really do have it all here. I have since started my own house painting business and am proud to be servicing this great part of Queensland. I am also involved in various community groups and am still moved by how much our community supports and stands by one another.

The Whitsunday region is a gem in Australia’s crown. Where else are you within driving distance to the Great Barrier Reef, rainforest, beaches and bush? Unfortunately, COVID-19 has bought a blow to the Whitsundays tourism, and we need to build economic resilience for our community as we move forward from the pandemic. 

In my time here, I have worked in both the environmental sector and the construction industry. My time in the environmental sector showed me the critical balance between agriculture, mining and the environment. Too often, these interests are pitted against each other, achieving nothing but further discord in our community. Too often, the narrative we hear is that these interests can’t coexist, but I firmly believe that this isn’t true. I have seen the wonderful achievements made when these groups meet and work together for an outcome that benefits everyone.

I am passionate about the right for people to earn a living and the right for us to do so in a sustainable way. As an environmental scientist, I studied the effects of climate change and the damaging impact it will have on our reef, farmlands, urban areas and people. 

Already we are seeing the Whitsundays tourism industry suffer from the effects of climate change with increasing coral bleaching. Our farmers face increased droughts. Our coal miners face an uncertain future as both climate change and the market are turning the world’s economies towards renewables. 

We need every stakeholder at the table to move our region forward for the future. I will work with industry bodies, unions and workers to listen to their needs and concerns and what a fair transition means to them. 

I am also dedicated to supporting those in our community who at the most vulnerable. The pandemic has shown as many flaws in our social support system, with our elderly, abused, and impoverished members of society suffering the most. 

This is why the Greens recovery plan to invest in crucial public infrastructure is so vital for regions like ours. We can create thousands of good, secure jobs, reviving manufacturing, building publicly owned renewable energy networks and social housing. We can properly fund free public schools and expand access to GP clinics with more bulk-billing doctors to make sure that nobody is left behind

We can do this by making big banks, mining billionaires and property developers pay their fair share in royalties and taxes

I am excited and proud to be standing for a diversified economy, social justice and a more sustainable future for the Whitsundays.