Emmeline Chidley

Candidate for Maranoa

Hi, I’m Emmeline, your Greens candidate for Maranoa.

I grew up in regional Queensland and I am passionate about working for a positive sustainable future for our Maranoa region and looking after the health and wellbeing of our community.

I am young and work in local retail management and I know that keeping our communities vibrant and growing depends on not only on invigorating our outback tourism but investing in sustainable business ideas and plans that focus on us thinking local and growing global.

We need better access to education, business support, mental health services and chronic and emergency health care.

We are part of Queensland’s rural heartland and yet farming families are struggling to stay on their land and our local businesses are fighting to remain viable. The major parties are beholden to their big corporate donors while we struggle to get through a single season.

Ever increasing temperatures are hitting our food bowl regions hard and we know this will only get worse unless we tackle our reliance on fossil fuels and the dangers of unchecked climate change.

As your representative in Parliament, I will work towards a positive rural and regional transition towards clean renewable energy and fight for a fair distribution of services for our rural and regional towns and communities.

The Greens believe everyone deserves a good life with access to essential services, free TAFE and uni, dental into Medicare and just transitions from fossil fuels to renewable energy driven jobs.

The Maranoa region deserves strong advocates for its community – that’s why I am working for the Greens and a future for all of us.

Emmeline Chidley, Candidate for Maranoa

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