Gavin Behrens

I am thrilled to be the Greens candidate for the coming Longman by-election and I am looking forward to campaigning hard for the issues that matter most to our community.

Whether people live on Bribie, in Woodford or Morayfield, the issues that face us are the same. Rising power bills, transport costs, rates and rents are squeezing the very last dollar out of our pockets. Work is harder to find and harder to keep when you get it.

I grew up in Caboolture and am proud to call myself a Longman local. I’ve spent over 20 years in the IT industry, working locally with small businesses and government agencies to assist with the streamlining of our community services. I’m lucky to live in a community with an optimistic, hardworking approach to their own futures and that of their children.

There are opportunities for everyone in Longman but they can only be realised if the politician that wins makes sure we get the funding we need for our schools, the investment we need for extra health services for our kids and aging parents, and fixes the system so all of us get the chance to study or retrain to keep up with a changing world.

We live somewhere beautiful. We enjoy the lifestyle and the community feel of each of our unique Queensland townships and as the Federal Member for Longman I will fight to preserve all the good things we have while demanding a better deal on the things we keep missing out on.

As the candidate for the by-election I will be fighting for a better future for all of us.

Contact Gavin

Queensland Greens Office

102 McDonald Road
Windsor, QLD 4030

Phone 07 3357 8458‬