Hi, I'm Heidi.

I'm a mum, an engineer, and community volunteer. I grew up in a farming community in Canada and was the first person in our family to attend university, earning a degree in geological engineering. I worked as a petroleum engineer, then completed a master's degree in science, before moving to Europe with my husband for his work. 

Fourteen years ago, we settled in Western Australia with our two boys. While raising my sons, I worked as a volunteer leading one of the country's largest urban restoration projects. In 2018 I was named Freeman of the Town of Claremont, WA, the council's highest honour for community service

I moved to Queensland two years ago with my husband, and we quickly fell in love with the Townsville region, where I have continued to volunteer in the community.

As an immigrant to Australia, I am struck every day by the awesome beauty of our country, and the incredible opportunities it provides to so many. For this, I am truly grateful.

But I have also learned that the government is not doing enough to protect what we are so lucky to have inherited. People are struggling, and our wildlife is in trouble. Our climate is changing, threatening the places we love and the things we care about. Inequality in health, wealth and education is steadily growing, robbing many of the opportunity to be happy and prosperous. 

I am running as your candidate because I believe the Greens have a credible plan to put the interests of people, and the environment on which we all depend, first.

Our plan begins with meaningful action to protect ourselves, our towns, cities, businesses, and our environment from the effects of climate change. We want to keep electricity generation in the hands of the public and drive down prices by adopting cheap, plentiful and clean, renewable energy

We can have affordable housing, free education and high-quality healthcare for all. And to pay for these significant improvements, our plan will raise $67 billion over the next four years by making big banks, developers and mining corporations pay their fair share in royalties and taxes.

As a community leader, I have met thousands of people from all over Australia and found that we share many of the same concerns. But the LNP and Labor are increasingly sacrificing the interests of the people, local businesses, and the environment to the benefit of a handful of big corporations and vested interests, many of them from overseas. 

Let's work together to build our movement for change.