Helen Rath

Candidate for Everton

Hi, I'm Helen.

I grew up in South East Queensland with my single mum. She was a teacher, and although she warned against it, I followed in her footsteps, training at QUT to become a teacher myself. I now live in McDowall with my husband, who is in the Australian Defence Force, and my two kids. As a defence spouse, we have lived in many places around Australia, but Brisbane will always be home.

Throughout my teaching career, I have seen first-hand the impact of our two-tiered education system. There is a significant disparity across sectors in funding and resources. When I worked in the public sector, I was one of the 9 out of 10 teachers dipping into my own pocket for teaching equipment. More and more, public schools struggle to find the resources necessary to enrich the lives of young people in their care. This is heartbreaking when we consider what school can be like with the resources essential to give students the personalised attention they need to thrive.

I am passionate about building a more caring and equitable community for all of us. One where problems such as crime, and drugs may sometimes be addressed with compassion rather than punishment. One where we develop long-term plans to efficiently solve underlying problems in our society such as poverty, lost connections, or a lack of belonging. This work begins during the high-school years, I think.

I want to be part of a government that rethinks the way we find solutions to problems more broadly using research and world's best practice as a guide. 

I hope we can work together to build a genuinely caring and resilient community. Will you join me?