Hi, I'm Ian, the Greens candidate for Bowman.

I've lived in the Redlands with my family for 27 years. I am standing for the seat of Bowman because I am tired of seeing big corporations, aided and abetted by the two major parties, ignoring the wishes of and trampling the rights of Redlanders who wish to live and raise their families in this beautiful part of the world.

The old adage of "act locally and think globally" has never been more important. Globally we face an extinction crisis. The Morrison government embarrassed us at COP26, and Labor merely plans to tinker with the Nats/Libs proposal while the world literally burns and the reef dies. 

Locally, the proposed Toondah Harbour development would destroy 40 hectares of Ramsar listed wetlands by building 3,600 luxury apartments on the feeding grounds of our precious migratory shorebirds. This proposal would be the death of the Toondah koala colony, which has continued to live in this area. Protecting the environment needn't be at the expense of the local economy. 

Although my career has been in science, I was involved with my parent's small business from an early age. I'm fully aware of the difficulties ordinary Australians face every day in providing a livelihood for their families, and it's getting worse

But just by making billionaires and big corporations pay their fair share, we can create tens of thousands of jobs a year, put dental and mental healthcare into Medicare and have genuinely free life-long public education and training, and generate enough clean power based on 100% renewables to export energy overseas. 

As long as large corporations are allowed to donate enormous sums of money to political parties, they'll never be able to represent their communities. The Greens plan to limit political donations to ensure that politicians are accountable to and listen to the people, not their paymasters.

We can't continue to sacrifice the health of our communities and environment on the altar of economic development above all else. We need to send a message that we both  care about our fragile environment and support local jobs in sustainable industries such as renewable power generation. 

We can have a better future, and the Greens have a costed plan to make it happen.