Hi, my name is Jack.

I'm running as your Greens candidate for Burdekin to be a strong voice for the hardworking members of our community that are seeking real action and positive change.

I've been a part of this community for close to 10 years now. In that time, I've had the opportunity to meet a lot of like-minded people who are already working in our community to make positive local changes.  Now is the time to work together to create significant positive changes both here and across the Sunshine State.

I have worked on several cane farms around the region, and it was some of the hardest yet most rewarding work I have ever done. I've also met many who feel the industry is their only career option here. It can be difficult and expensive to try retrain, and move onto higher-level trades or university. 

Being on the frontlines of such a core industry in our state has given me insight into the impacts of climate change, the need for truly free public schools, fully-funded, free TAFE and free, universal healthcare. The agricultural sector has one of the highest suicide rates in Australia. It is known that this figure increases during extreme weather periods. 

The Greens have a costed plan to fund a public healthcare system that means will ensure locals won't have to pay enormous out of pocket expenses for basic human rights like visits to the doctors or mental health services. 

Let's support people to be able to pursue the careers they want and get the healthcare they deserve. This will make a real positive impact on the lives of ordinary people like you and me. 

We must protect our land and water. Increasingly unpredictable and extreme weather conditions have had hash impacts on our agricultural industry, and it is only getting worse. The need for a sustainable plan for our community for combating climate change, while supporting the people is of immeasurable importance. The people have worked hard to build and sustain this community, and they deserve a plan for our future that supports all of us.

I have seen firsthand what real differences can be made to our lives when people come together and stand up for what they believe in.

Politics should be for the people, by the people. I hope work with you and play a part in creating a brighter future for all of us.