Hi, I'm James. 

I'm a dad, an environmental planner and horticulturist and run my own landscape garden business. I was raised here in Aspley. It's my home and the place I've chosen to base my business and raise my own family. But over the years I have seen it change almost beyond recognition.

Like many communities in developing neighbourhoods, we have experienced the constant destruction of the environment around us. There seems to be no consideration of the long-term consequences for our wildlife and the open space needs of our community. Too often, developers have been allowed to hand over a cheque for the loss of irreplaceable wildlife habitat or parkland. 

As a planning professional with qualifications and experience in ecology and environmental management, I know our government can do better.  I want a world in which children always have the opportunity to see a koala in the wild.  I want my son's generation and the generations that follow to be able to enjoy our beautiful beaches, not watch them disappear beneath rising seas.  I want a world in which we can all thrive, not one in which we lurch from one natural disaster to the next.

For this to be possible, politics must change. We cannot afford to allow the ALP and LNP to continue to pander to coal and gas billionaires simply because they receive donations from them. It is costing us our homes, our wellbeing and the future of our children. 

Politics is about choosing what we value. By making mining billionaires pay their fair share and investing in public infrastructure, we can build a future in which the effects of climate change are kept to a minimum and where everyone can access truly free public education, free, reliable public transport and affordable housing.

The change we need to see in the world starts here because our future is decided by how we vote. 

That's why I'm standing up for you in Aspley.