Janina Leo

Candidate for Springwood


Hi, I'm Janina. 

I am someone who believes in the power of local community to be a force for good, and the role of government to help communities flourish. I'm a psychologist and parent to four children, including one with a disability, and I've lived in this community for over ten years.

I have experienced and met many of the difficulties that families face in our electorate, such as struggling to pay bills, maintain a mortgage, navigate the NDIS and ensure quality of life for my family. COVID-19 has hit many of us with financial and social challenges and made life tougher, but government can and should play a major role in getting us all through the crisis.

I've worked as a psychologist in the government disability sector and private practice aimed at the disadvantaged, drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, prison and parole. I've provided psychological assessment across the lifespan for low-income earners and supported those in the 2013 flood disaster. I have a passion for seeing equality for all and power firmly placed back in the hands of the people to see communities thrive.

To see people flourish, we need genuinely free state schools, truly universal and free public health care. We can create thousands of jobs by building public housing, cut electricity bills by reversing privatisation, and afford it all by making wealthy corporations pay their fair share.

We need forward-thinking community-based solutions, that recognise, celebrate and include equally those who are from varied backgrounds and traditions. We need strong, compassionate voices in Parliament who will advocate on behalf of everyone in our community, not just the wealthy few.

I will work hard to make our state government work for the people I represent, to see we all get a fair go.