Jennifer Cox

Candidate for Kennedy

Hi, I'm Jennifer. 

I grew up on the Atherton Tablelands, and my husband and I met at Atherton High. We moved away in our 20s, travelled the world and worked hard for large companies. When we wanted to have a family, we returned here to give our children the childhood we had, in the most beautiful place with the best lifestyle in the world. I want our region to stay as beautiful and prosperous as it is today, and I want my children and grandchildren to have a promising future. 

I have experienced first-hand being a cog in a soulless corporation and learned there is more to life than profit and loss. Workers are expected to give more and more of themselves for less and less in return in a drive for "efficiency". We're all affected by the casualisation of work, stagnant wages, high mortgages, high electricity bills, less support for Medicare and rising education costs. All are direct results of privatisation and the corporatisation of Government. All the while, the rich get richer.

COVID-19 has made all these issues all the more visible and vital. But the traditional parties have left communities like ours behind. Instead, they are still focused on taking huge donations from companies that seek to buy influence, and with only profit margins in mind. Until this ends, ordinary people will never be the priority of our political representatives. 

We can rebuild the Queensland economy to work to benefit all of us, not the way dictated by donors. We can create thousands of jobs in building public infrastructure like hospitals, schools, renewable energy and innovative technology. We can have the things that we need - we just need the big end of town to pay their fair share rather than being the beneficiaries of government bailouts and royalty holidays.

We need to make a stand, and we need to do it now. Future generations will thank us for it.