Hello, I'm Jenny. 

My husband Mike and I have lived in Townsville for many years, working and raising our family. I'm a psychologist who is passionate about social justice, conservation and animal welfare issues. I believe that all people have a right to a safe, peaceful and ecologically sustainable existence

Townsville is my home, and I want to see our city and our state have the jobs and economic growth needed to recover from COVID-19 together with a fairer, more sustainable future for all of us. 

I worry about the future, especially facing younger people. Ordinary people seem to have been forgotten by politicians, who are more concerned with looking after powerful mining companies and corporate donors. Now is the time for that to change. 

We can create jobs and lower the cost of living in North Queensland. And we can do this without destroying the very things which make our part of the world such a wonderful place in which to live, like our Great Barrier Reef, our national parks and native wildlife.

Our plan to create new jobs in manufacturing, health and education, will help provide a sustainable future for all. We can build renewable energy projects rather than supporting new coal mines and gas projects. There are more opportunities for jobs in the metalliferous mining sector than in thermal coal mines such as the Adani Mine and others proposed for the Galilee Basin.

We can create thousands of jobs and lower electricity prices through good public investment in renewable energy, including a publicly owned solar panel factory in Townsville. We'll do this by making mining corporations pay their fair share in royalties. 

I enjoy spending time in our beautiful national parks, where there can be new opportunities for eco-tourism, providing natural and cultural heritage values are protected, and private development is not permitted. 

Townsville is now Australia's largest live cattle export port. There are alternatives which would be better for the animals and our community. The Greens support value-adding and jobs by processing cattle that currently go into the live export trade at a local meatworks.

With more Greens in government, we can have a fairer and more sustainable future for everyone. Be part of our movement for change