Jim Davies

Candidate for Nudgee


Hi, I'm Jim.

I came to the Nudgee area in 2004 to raise our family. It's amazing how having kids has connected me to our community. From swim-club fundraisers to the P&C, people join in with their neighbours to try and to make things better. 

I want a better life for everyone, regardless of where we live or what our personal circumstances are, and I think that by working together we can achieve this.

So, what does some local Dad know about government? Well, I have worked for the Department of Environment and Science in many roles for 21 years. I started out as a Park Ranger, have briefed politicians, and now work in asset management for the whole of the state. I understand the inner workings of the Queensland Public Service and the Parliament and have seen over the years the good and the bad sides of this system. 

I'm a union delegate and fought for fairness and accountability during the Newman-era jobs cuts. More recently, I represented workers trying to negotiate an enterprise agreement with the current Labor government. There is little real difference between the two major parties on any issue these days. Another reason I joined the Greens!

There are many issues locally that I want to help find solutions forhomelessness being chief among them. COVID19 has shown us how many vulnerable people there are in our society. But when we decide to help, it can be done swiftly and easily. The Greens have a plan to build 100,000 more publicly-owned homes, with the additional benefit of creating 20,000 jobs across the state, a win-win situation for the people of Queensland.   

Currently, the Greens have one elected representative at the state level. Michael Berkman has worked tirelessly in Maiwar to keep the major parties honest and reduce the influence of big business on government. 

Following great results in local council elections, we are now in prime position to take several more seats in the next Queensland Parliament. We don't accept corporate donations, so we can't be bought out by vested interests or lobbyists.

Let's make our state a place where the voices of ordinary people are heard, and where we make big business pay their fair share to build a better life for all of us. 

Will you help us get there?